Redmi Buds 3 Tws Dual Mic Noise Cancellation Earbuds (3 Month Warranty)


  • Sound Driver: 12mm
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Effective Range:10m
  • Water resistance: IP54 (Earbuds Only)
  • Noise Cancellation: Dual Mic Noise Cancellation
  • Battery Life: Earphone (About 5Hour); Charging Box (About 20Hour)
  • Inside Dhaka Delivery Charge: 60 TK (24-48Hours)
  • Outside Dhaka Delivery Charge: 120 TK
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Brand: xiaomi


Lightweight Semi-in-ear Design A single headset weighs only 4.5g
Qualcomm QCC3040 aptXTM Adaptive audio decoding

12mm Large Moving Coil HD sound quality Detail restoration
Dual Mike Noise Reduction The dialogue is natural and clear

MIUI lntelligent Battery Express Connection Mobile phone pop-up
20 Hours Long Single endurance of 5 hours

S758f1dbc2f004b0f8d5a6673080405fdySc78944e30daa42418cf8e9e41a331cbb4Experience Talented
Dual Mike call noise reduction “Say,I can hear you.”
Two high-sensitivity mike are built into the headset. Com-bined with Qualcomm CVC noise reduction technology,it can dynamically reduce the ambient noise and effectively reduce the echo in the call.The other party can hear every word you say clearly.Sb0dc586216854a34bf79887e39de980biSf552d18a149549db9d25388f3589b8957

20 hours long battery Give it to me again Time for 300 songs
Despite its small size and strength,the lightweight and comfortable redmi buds 3 headset can last up to 5 hours at a time,and can be used with a charging box for up to 20 hours.Charge for 10 minutes,listen to music for 15 hours,relax and return to power.
5 hours Single use
20 hours Overall enduranceS6942089c00c940b38eae1ddc2683826b7Sd4ff1d9d519943dfac55e0fb05abfb14u

95ms ultra low delay
Sound and picture synchronization Very fast
The new Bluetooth 5.2 technology makes sound transmis-sion faster and more stable.Qualcomm aptXTM Adaptive audio decodina with full link delav as low as 95ms.
Bluetooth 5.2Sf6413176a1c54df990fa08851593df70hS8260c2fbee814dae9f4d5a25d6abb41dd

MIUl quick connect pop-up window Open the cover,Connect it immediately MIUl exclusive customized pop-up window opens the
charging box near the mobile phone.After the interface pops up,click to quickly pair,and the power of the headset and charging box is clear at a glance.S934c4bde4ada43c9b5d4ab4994195f9cDTap the earphone Telephone and music are under your control.
Touch the back of the headset to control the headset to play music and answer calls.At the same time,it supports “MI Al”long press to wake up,and your voice assistant is on call.S57df429771e54076909b3c049c0d1380qIP54 dustproof and waterproof
Focus on protection,by your side Through professional structural design and IP54 dust-proof and waterproof test,it can spray and waterproof in all direc- tions without fear of sweat.S71910b17244e4051b22ad13497fce09e7Exquisite “Small Square Box”
Selfie online,a little good-looking The new exquisite “Small Square Box”design is light and round,and hard lines are added at the edge to make the grip feel more comfortable.The shell adopts high gloss
design,which makes dirt easier to clean.S295a1945e02a4b0bbc5d26c032b3cf43P

More intimate features
Wear Detection Remove the earphone Auto pause Put on earphone Seamless listening

Find Headphones
Within Bluetooth connection You can find earphone through your phone

Push-button reset
Push-Button Reset Bid farewell to cumbersome operation Push-button reset

Sea77ec95f69844319aeff57f59378e92dComfortable Talented
Lightweight semi-in-ear design Comfortable without burden Light as nothingS23ff437287b444d7afff6c0399a3b54dm

Redmi first semi in ear headset,with a single headset as light as 4.5g,better fits the ear canal curve,more com-fortable wearing experience and reduces the fatigue caused by long-time audio and video.


Good Voice Talented Qualcomm chip Professional audio decoding
Helping good voices in all directions Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3040 high-energy chip Qualcomm aptXTM Adaptive audio decoding technology, it ensures stable connection and brings better auditory experience.

S225fbedef4724182a53d057b0934890e7Sabe6f9dc4cac46d383deb69a1d9ef48bh12mm Large Moving Coil Move your ears with hard power
12mm large composite diaphragm moving coil to restore more sound details.The strength of Xiaomi audio labora-tory is adjusted,the bass is strong,the treble is clear and undistorted,and the pure sound is always felt.S81f333b0664f4abb95cb1666f508b9901Se304366b39794a7783b663c4b84afd41jS0859cd5355a74654ae7c6b61e25d49f33

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